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We are fast, friendly, and fully functional, our professional Appliance Repair Service is well renowned throughout the Gauteng province. Our team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience our clients have come to expect. We always stand behind our work, with customer satisfaction being our #1 priority.

Fridge repairs in Sandton Better Appliance Care is a leading Fridge Repairs in Randburg company that provides services across Gauteng Province. We specialise in the repair of freezer, all brands and models.We offer the following services:

We offer the following services:

  • Side by side Fridge Repairs in Randburg
  • French door Fridge Repairs in Randburg
  • Bottom freezer Fridge Repairs in Randburg
  • Top freezer Fridge Repairs in Randburg
  • Stainless steel Fridge Repairs in Randburg
  • Built in Fridge Repairs in Randburg
  • Energy star Fridge Repairs in Randburg

We repair all major freezer brands and models, such as:
WhirlpoolSmegScotsmanSamsungMieleLGKelvinatorIndesitGaggenauDefyBoschAEG and others.

Our experience and knowledge with domestic appliances means we come across a wide range of fridge & freezer faults and problems on a daily basis. If your fridge or freezer has a fault chances are we’ve come across it before!

At Better Applicance Care, we offer quality services to local clients at reasonable prices. Our courteous Appliance Repair Service staff have the professional tools and experience necessary to help with all your needs. Call today to get in touch with our staff and to learn more about what we have to offer.

We understand how much of an inconvenience your freezer breaking down can be. Our Technical Experts are fully skilled and certified, ensuring a fast and reliable manufacturer specs service and repairs at affordable rate that are of highest quality and Guaranteed for 6 Months!


One of the most common appliances that could be found in nearly all homes is refrigerator. This appliance works whenever there is electricity in 24/7 and it is used to maintain fresh and cold stuff. Refrigerator is such a device that is very difficult to understand the nature of its performance for 24/7. It is miraculous! For this reason, it is highly essential to repair your refrigerator whenever the need arise. The repair is not difficult and very easy to carry out by anybody that has little knowledge and fundamental tools.

Refrigerator repair can be carried out with the aid of internet because of series of resources, manuals, guides and all sorts of DIY articles. For you to repair your refrigerator by yourself, you need to know the cause of the problem that brings about repair in your refrigerator.

Before you could carry out any work on the refrigerator, it is very crucial to disconnect the plug from the electrical outlet and discharge the capacitor. Nearly all the problem that occurs in refrigerators is the same and could be tackled with simple method. For instance:

If your refrigerator is noisy or not running, all what you need to do is to check the door seals and also find out if the condenser is dirty.

If the water is leaking out of the bottom of your freezer, this could be as a result of the drain or frozen shut. You can resolve this problem if you can apply hair dryer. You can do this by opening your freezer section but could be a little bit complex.

When the freezer is working and the refrigerator is not effective, this may be as a result that the door is not well sealed and by this reason, cold air is escaping from the refrigerator, as a result the motor is having too much work load than its normal function. Therefore, ensure that the refrigerator door is always closed and if the problem is still repeating itself, it is advisable to change the seal.

Moreover, most of the problem associated with refrigerator can be fixed by an incompetent technician as long as he or she can read and write. The problem of refrigerator repair can be reduced with the help of periodical examining of your refrigerator and maintaining cleanliness in both interior and exterior part. There are some things you need to know about some vital parts of the refrigerator such as the timer and the temperature. These two usually malfunction and therefore, it is very important to control them regularly and make sure that they are functioning well. Try as much as you can to maintain neat condenser coils and ensure that all the power sources are working suitably.

There are myths concerning refrigerator repair whenever a problem arise as a result of Freon. In this case the competent and certified technician is the only person that is capable in resolving the issue. It is advisable to change it than to repair it.

Another idea about refrigerator repair is safety which involves precautionary measures such as connecting of the switch before starting to troubleshoot, let your pets and your children stay away from refrigerator when you are dismantling each of the sections. All these rules are very important to all the non technicians but those that are exempt from the rule are the technicians.

In the final analysis, take to precautionary measure whenever you want to repair your refrigerator and ensure that if you did not have clear understanding on what to do in repairing your refrigerator, make sure you reach out to the professionals that can help you sort out the problem without any further delay.

At Better Appliance Care, we know that your time is valuable. This is why our technicians work around your schedule – and not the other way around. Do you need us to show up in the morning? No problem! Do you want us to come later in the afternoon? We’ll see you there. Our entire team is committed to your 100% satisfaction, so you can rest easier knowing that Better Appliance Care is on the job.

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Supplying original parts for your appliance

Nobody wants their appliance to break down a few months after the repairs. Our provider works with many of the manufacturers and their representatives to ensure that each specialist carries the original spare pieces for your exact fridge or freezer model to deliver long-lasting results.

FRIDGE Repairs in Randburg including: Aldara Park – Blairgowrie – Bordeaux – Boskruin – Bromhof – Cresta – Darrenwood – Fairlands – Ferndale – Jukskei Park – Kensington ‘B’ – Malanshof – Northriding – Northwold – Olivedale – Randpark Ridge – Robindale – Robin Hills – Windsor East – Windsor West

We understand no one likes to receive a long bill at the end of a repair so we keep it simple. We have a one-off labour charge which will cover you for the entire repair (as long as it takes us). All you pay for on top are for any parts you need. We are so confident in our repair service that we provide you with a six months guarantee at the end of it.